Perry Road Baptist Church
Friday, May 25, 2018
Bringing People To Christ


Friday Nights September through May
6:15pm - 8:00pm
For children K thru 12th grade
Why do hundreds of thousands of kids attend AWANA Clubs every week? AWANA is fun! That is the bottom line for most kids. Of course, they are learning and growing while they are having fun.
AWANA Club meetings are brimming with life-enriching experiences for young people! Trained leaders guide children through age appropriate material. Your child or "Clubber" will learn that God is real, that He loves them, and that He has expressed that love through Jesus Christ. Clubbers also learn how to apply the truths of the Bible to their daily lives. In a world desperate for high standards of morality and ethics, AWANA uses the Bible to teach children to honor God and their fellow human beings.
The goal of AWANA Clubs is to reach boys and girls with the gospel of Christ and train them to serve Him. Since 1950, churches have been using AWANA to reach out to youth in their communities. The AWANA Clubs program is distinctively Christian and Bible-centered. Of Course, AWANA Clubs do not exclude kids based on their religious affiliation. The club meetings are open to all.

What does my child experience at Awana?

Biblical teaching that relates to your child’s age and experiences
Ultra-fun physical activity and competition
Bible memorization
Positive friendships
Adult affirmation and encouragement 
The basics of a relationship with God
Consistent and positive training on how to thrive in team and group settings
Awards and recognition for accomplishments
We’ve designed a three part program to maximize your child’s attention, energy and time. 
Small Group Time consists of interaction between individual clubbers and their leader, as they dive into God's Word.
Large Group Time is a time for group Bible-based instruction, testimonies, singing and prayer.
Game Time is the club segment when clubbers enjoy fun games on the unique Awana game circle. These games are designed for developing team spirit, good sportsmanship, coordination skills, self confidence and include both team and individual competition.

Top 10 things you need to know about Awana


1.     Awana Club is meets on FRIDAY NIGHT and starts promptly at 6:15 pm (doors open at 6:00). The registration table will be closed during the opening ceremony. Please have your clubber there in time to get thru the nightly check in process before 6:15 pm. 


2.     Our Awana club runs 1 3/4 hrs. Please come at 7:50 PM and join us for the awards/closing ceremony.  You or an approved adult will need to sign out your child.


For your clubbers safety, we can only release your clubber to an approved adult. If someone other than the clubbers parent/grandparent will be picking them up, please let their Club Director know at the registration table that night.


3.     Club Schedule 

                                                                                       AWANA SCHEDULE 2017-2018    
SPARKS 6:15-6:20 6:25-6:55   7:00-7:20 7:25-7:45 7:50-8
T & T 6:15-6:20  6:20-6:30 6:35-6:55  7:00-7:20 7:25-7:45 7:50-8
TREK/JOURNEY 6:15-6:20          7:50-8

4.     Points. Your clubber receives weekly points for the following: being on time, having their Bible, Handbook, Uniform, paying their dues, passing sections in their handbook, individual & team game time participation, participation in theme nights and bringing friends to Awana Club. The points they earn are converted into “Awana Dollars” in December and May and the clubbers can purchase items in our “Awana Store”. There is no limit to how many points (dollars) the clubbers can earn.  


5.     Scripture Memorization & Handbook sections. To pass a section in a handbook, each clubber is required to memorize certain scriptures. 


6.     Awards. Awards are only presented to clubbers who are wearing their uniforms. Uniforms can be purchased after the clubber has passed the entrance book for that club. Uniforms should be worn and handbooks and Bibles should be brought to every meeting.


7.     Parental Help. If you are not already actively involved in helping with the club you will be asked to help. 


8.     Costs. Please see the attached cost sheet that lists the costs for Awana. We do not want costs to prevent any clubber from attending. If this is an issue, please see Ministry Director Jackie.


9.  Thank you for allowing us to minister to your child. If you have any questions regarding Awana, please feel free to ask your child’s Awana leader or Ministry Director Jackie.

AWANA is a ministry of Perry Road Baptist Church.
If you have any questions please free to contact us.
-Jackie Hunt, Awana Director